New Year’s is kind of like Spring for the farmer. It’s time to start planning what crops you want to grow this year. Where are you going to focus your energy and efforts?
To develop a quick personal growth plan, start by thinking about what you grew (or tried to do) last year that didn’t produce. Also think about what crops (or things you did) that produced the most yield. Then answer the following questions:
What do I want to cull or stop doing?
What do I want to cultivate or keep doing?
What do I want to plant or start doing?
As a leader farmer, not only do I develop a personal growth plan, but I’m also planning for the growth of others under my leadership.  Obviously I want everyone to grow, but sometimes it is helpful to think about the people you are investing in with these questions in mind.
Who do I want to cull because they are not producing? 
Who do I want to continue to cultivate because I still see potential?
Who do I want to plant some seeds with and begin investing in? 
It is also helpful to have those closest to you or other leaders in your organization answer these questions as well. For more information about using Stop-Keep-Start as a feedback tool read:
Happy New Year and Cheers to Leader Farming!
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