IMG_6260Walking through the grocery store and putting vegetables in your cart doesn’t have the same effect as planting seeds in the soil and watching them grow!  How a small seed becomes a vine, plant or tree that produces fruit or vegetables is an absolute miracle in and of itself.  I find so much joy in planting a garden and growing my own vegetables, not only do they taste better but I know where they came from. However, if a garden is going to produce, you can’t just throw seeds on the ground and expect to come back later and have fruit. Weeding, staking, pruning, watering, and feeding are just a few of the essential chores. Yes, it’s work, but it’s truly a fulfilling experience. It’s the same with Leader Farming, you can’t just have them read a few books or give them a few good leadership quotes and expect them to grow and produce fruit.  One of the chores of a Leader Farmer is creating and maintaining a culture that doesn’t allow weeds.  We have a lot of grace for mistakes and learning, but we are relentless about removing anything thing or person in the organization that will prevent us from accomplishing our mission to “Be ReMarkable.” Another chore that I spend time doing as a Leader Farmer is coaching.  After I planted tomato plants in our raised beds a few days ago, I placed tomato cages (instead of stakes) to provide a support structure for their growth.  In leader farming, this support structure includes regularly scheduled coaching.  During coaching, we prune, water and feed.  While pruning, I may have cut back some of their growth in the wrong direction.  This requires tough love, but they usually come back stronger than before.  Of course watering is essential, plants or animals will die without water and leaders will wither without encouragement.  Finally, we must feed them with resources to keep them growing.  As I said before, it’s work, but it’s truly a fulfilling experience because growing leaders, grows my business.
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