ColoradoThis past week I spent Thursday through Sunday (which is why I didn’t write a blog last week) in the wilderness of Colorado searching for the “long and narrow road.”   Although, the purpose of this blog isn’t to write about my spiritual journey, the cultivation of the heart is central to who “we are” or “who we become” as a leader.   The message is simple this week, what are you doing to cultivate your heart?  Here on the farm, we cultivate the land, we till, plow, fertilize and weed.  In the process of tilling or plowing, we unearth some things that were below the surface.  While plowing our garden, I found an old water hose, golf balls, the sole of a shoe, Native American arrow heads, and large rocks.  All remnants of the past that don’t belong in good soil.  In Colorado, while doing some “soul searching” or “tilling” I discovered some remnants in my past that were hindering my growth.  Take time to get away from all the noise, eliminate technology for a day or a few days, do some “tilling/plowing” and see what surfaces.  Secondly, select your fertilizer carefully.  What voices do you allow to fertilize your heart?  (I highly recommend Ransomed Heart)  Finally, stay on top of weeds.  Weeds are those things that “choke out” our heart…usually busyness.  Dallas Willard said “You must arrange your days so that you are experiencing  deep contentment, joy and confidence in your everyday life with God.”  Take a hard look at how you are spending your days and if you are not experiencing contentment, joy, and confidence the majority of the time, then there is a good chance you need to make some changes…I know I do!


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